Senin, 24 Mei 2010


1. Minus the Bear
Hands down the most addictive music I've ever listened to. Indie rock from Seattle comprising of veteran musician (ex-Botch, Shark Keep Moving, Kill Sadie, etc). They keep pushing the boundaries of their own music and style with every album. Perfect music to hang and knock a few drinks to.

2. Polar Bear Club
I personally think they are a mix between Hot Water Music, Jimmy Eat World(?), and a hint of your favorite melodic HC band. If you crave for sing-a-long anthems and drive by songs than this one is for you. Can't get enough of their latest album Chasing Hamburg.

3. Manchester Orchestra
This is alternative rock at its finest. No bullshit, nothing more emotional and in your face than them, but a the same time so beautiful. The album Means Everything to Nothing is the epitome of greatness.

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