Senin, 24 Mei 2010


1. Can - sunshine night & day
Can is a German krautrock band whose influences can be
found upon many contemporary bands today.
They play a wild mix of raw funk, psychedelic,
blues and also incorporate heavy loads of experimentation.
This song is taken from their studio album "saw delight", pure sublime.

2. The Rival Mob - raw life
This song makes me wanna rush into brickwalls
and destroy every fucking thing.
Rival Mob has emerged into a powerful entity,
raw life is full of angst, desperation and most importantly,
a compelling combo of great early NYHC gnarly riffs.
Mosh or be a pussy.

3. Mobb Deep - eye for an eye
Hailing from Queensbridge NY,
Mobb Deep has been stated themselves as a household name,
with their highly acclaimed studio album "the infamous",
which received positive reviews all around.
Eye for an eye is a stomping anthem, featuring NaS and Raekwon from Wu.
Destined to be classic, for years to come.

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