Jumat, 21 Mei 2010


1. Pulling Teeth - Grudgeholder
I swear i've never been so obsessed with band like i am obsessed with Pulling Teeth, honestly i do feel that they are under appreciated here in jakarta, this band has everything, catchy parts, metalic riffs without those shitty chugga chugga wee shit, no bullshit tough guy moshy part, devilish sound without having to sound like Integrity, a real musician and pretty much down to earth people. I've been listening to Grudgeholder ever since it was uploaded at their myspace page. although i don't really know the lyrics yet (it's not available anywhere...yet). But to me, anything they put up are still good...scratch that...still great. Think slayer jamming with black sabbath trying to play stuff like ringworm...thats how they sound like. REALLY!


2. More Than Life - Love Let Me Go
Been constantly listening to this band since the record came out on 2008-ish. It's splendid, and because of them a lot of people actually starts listening to Morrissey, The Smiths and Joy Division...well, i was referring to south east asianers though, back then i don't see many people are that interested in The Smiths & Joy Division (again i'm referring this to so-called now days hc kids). Well then, this band is highly influenced by The Smiths (who wouldn't anyway?), and the Love Let Me Go is much better than the Brave Enough To Fail album. check them out


3. Lowood - Close To Violence
Again, another under appreciated band that i've been listening to. so for you hispter-shoegaze-listening pricks try to listen to this band from sweden, yes it's pop, it's shoegaze, it's whatever you would call it post-yadda-yadda ding dong, whatever, really.
Lowood’s soundscapes are sometimes desolate and sparce, sometimes as impalpable and intangible as air.



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